Main Characters of the Manga “Mercenary Enrollment”

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the heart of the manga universe as we delve into the captivating world of “Mercenary Enrollment.” This spellbinding manga introduces us to a cast of dynamic characters, each contributing their unique essence to the tapestry of the narrative. From formidable warriors to enigmatic figures, the main characters of “Mercenary Enrollment” invite readers into a realm where mercenaries navigate a complex web of alliances, conflicts, and personal growth. Join us as we explore the intricacies of these characters’ lives, uncovering the layers that make them pivotal to the unfolding story, and discover the magic that lies within the pages of this enthralling manga.

1. Yu Ijin:

The central character in the Mercenary Enrollment series, also known as Teenage Mercenary or Ipak Yongbyeong, is Yu Ijin. As a skilled young mercenary who survived a plane crash, the narrative unfolds with his return to Korea after a decade, seeking a reunion with his family. Despite his initial intention to maintain a low profile, Ijin faces challenges from school bullies, kidnappers, and international criminals.

Ijin’s journey in the manhwa explores various overarching themes, including the defense of the vulnerable and the importance of relationships. He consistently assumes the role of a protector, shielding his sister Yu Dayun from bullies, and assisting Cha Dusik against other gangsters. Additionally, Ijin stands up for individuals like Shin Yuna, Shin Jiyeh, and Cha Seoha. His actions are rooted in personal values, often defending those with familial connections or individuals susceptible to abuse of authority. These instances not only highlight Ijin’s character but also contribute to the broader objectives of the manhwa.

Yu Ijin, a teenager with tall stature and grey hair, possesses a slender physique that belies his formidable strength, comparable to soldiers of the Special Military Force. In the narrative, he stands out as the most adept in combat skills among the introduced characters, who served as his mentor in the art of fighting and proved to be his equal. During his days as a mercenary, Ijin donned olive fatigues and a shemagh to conceal his identity.

In various scenes, Ijin is observed in school attire, casual wear, and a formal suit, the latter adopted after embarking on his journey as a bodyguard trainee. When angered, his countenance remains expressionless, yet he is distinguished by reddish irises and a surrounding blue aura. Notably, Ijin’s most remarkable feature lies in his eyes, which remain closed or hidden from view when he experiences joy, peace, or concern. In instances where he appears shirtless, his torso and arms bear scars inflicted by knife and bullet wounds.

Ijin, having undergone rigorous training as a mercenary, emerges as a poised and composed individual who remains unfazed in the face of danger. His keen decisiveness and astuteness are evident, particularly in combat situations. The exploration of love and affection becomes a gradual journey for him, initiated by reuniting and spending time with his family, which he comes to value above all else. Transitioning into high school, Ijin successfully forges friendships and frequently joins his friends in playing Legends of League (MOBA) at the local internet cafe. Despite his lack of prowess in video games, he exhibits an unusual proficiency in actual combat.

2. Shin Yuna:

Shin Yuna stands as one of the successors to SW Corporation and is the granddaughter of the proprietor of SW Group, a globally recognized multinational enterprise. Koh Sukjoo consistently serves as her personal bodyguard.

Yuna, an enchanting teenager with a fair complexion, boasts wavy dark-brown hair cascading to her chest, adorned with bangs on both sides. Her captivating appearance is further accentuated by light blue eyes and plump, rosy lips.

Her typical attire includes a school uniform, featuring a gray blazer complemented by a brown-striped ribbon on the top and a light-brown skirt paired with black leggings on the bottom.

Yuna, characterized by her easygoing and amiable nature, grapples with significant pressure as the heir to SW. The weight of meeting expectations has led her to harbor insecurities and nurture a diminished sense of self-worth. Frequently labeled as ineffectual and indulged by her cousins, Yuna is seen as yielding an influence over SW that surpasses what is deemed appropriate. Nevertheless, there are instances when Yuna displays courage, demonstrating bravery by risking her life to protect those she holds dear, particularly her friends.

3. Yu Dayun:

Yu Dayun is the younger sister of Yu Ijin. Dayun, a teenage girl with petite stature and black hair, is renowned for her beauty within the school community. In her earlier years, she gained popularity not only for her intelligence but also for her attractive appearance.

4. Koh Sukjoo:

Koh Sukjoo is the classmate, bodyguard and secretary of Shin Yuna, the granddaughter of owner of the SW Corporation.

He possesses a straightforward and tidy demeanor, characterized by simplicity. Additionally, he reveals an endearing aspect, displaying a cute demeanor, especially when feeling anxious, evident in the surprised expression on his face. With a handsome appearance, he combines charm with intelligence as a diligent student. Beyond the academic setting, he maintains a stylish presence and harbors an affection for adorable items.

Sukjoo approaches his responsibilities with a strong sense of commitment. When Shin Yuna was abducted, he attributed the situation to his personal shortcomings. He enjoys spending time with Ijin and the rest of the group, showcasing notable expertise in the field of technology. Sukjoo is characterized by his courteous demeanor and exemplary manners.


In conclusion, the vibrant tapestry of characters in “Mercenary Enrollment” not only elevates the manga’s narrative but also invites readers into a world teeming with diversity, depth, and unexpected twists. Each character, from the charismatic protagonists to the enigmatic adversaries, contributes to the dynamic storytelling, making the manga a compelling and immersive experience. As readers traverse the pages, they witness the characters’ growth, forge connections, and grapple with the complexities of the mercenary world. “Mercenary Enrollment” stands as a testament to the power of well-crafted characters in shaping an enthralling storyline, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the riveting adventures of this captivating manga.