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Alternate Name: “Mercenary Enrollment” is popularly known as “Teenage Mercenary”.
Author(s): YC
Artist(s): Rakhyun
Name in Different Languages: Korean: 용병 모집 (Yongbyeong Mojib), Japanese: 傭兵の入隊 (Yōhei no Nyūtai), Spanish: Inscripción de Mercenarios, French: Enrôlement de Mercenaires
Genre(s): Action, Drama, and School Life. It also includes elements of Military and Life Drama.
Type: South Korean Webtoon or Manhwa
Categories: Military, Mercenary Life, High School, Combat Skills, Adaptation to Civilian Life, and Teen Drama
“Mercenary Enrollment” is a gripping webtoon that follows the life of Yu Ijin, a teenage mercenary who returns to South Korea after a decade on foreign battlefields. Having lost his parents at a young age, Ijin was forced to survive in harsh conditions, honing his skills as a combatant. The story captures his struggle to adapt to ordinary high school life, juxtaposing his past as a soldier with the new challenges he faces in a civilian setting.
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About Mercenary Enrollment

“Mercenary Enrollment” is a popular South Korean webtoon, also known as “Teenage Mercenary,” written by YC and illustrated by Rakhyun. The story revolves around Yu Ijin, a skilled mercenary who, after losing his parents in a tragic accident, spends his early years on a foreign battlefield.

Ijin’s life takes a dramatic turn when he returns to South Korea as a teenager. Here, he faces the challenging task of adapting to civilian life after years of combat. Despite his young age, Ijin possesses extraordinary fighting skills and tactical knowledge, honed from his time as a mercenary. These skills become pivotal in navigating the dangers and challenges he encounters in his new environment.

As the story progresses, Ijin forms new relationships and faces various threats, both from his past as a mercenary and from the dangers lurking in his current life. The series does an excellent job of portraying the complexities of a character who must reconcile his trained instincts as a soldier with the norms of a society that is alien to his experiences.